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Being over 50 is no excuse for not being in shape!

workout routines for men over 50!Fitness and exercise is extremely important for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and an even healthier body. People are mostly into fitness in order to shape their bodies and make them look as good as possible and because they are interested in improving their overall fitness and endurance levels.
This means that most people simply give up exercise as they grow up and they become less interested in looking good or being able to run marathons, which is a very big mistake, especially for men.

As I am sure you know,men’s bodies produce a unique hormone called testoren,which is very important for their bodies. As they grow older, their bodies produce less and less testosterone and this leads to accumulation of excess fat near in the chest area and around the abdomen. Scientists believe that all this excess fat can cause heart problems, as well as diabetes and even some forms of cancer!

As you can probably tell, getting rid of all that fat is extremely important, especially if a man is close to or just over 50. So how does one get rid of this fat?

Well, there is only one way to do it: some good old fashioned workout routines for men! That’s right, the only way to make this fat leave your body, is by sweating it out. The following are some workouts for men that have been specifically designed for men over the age of 50. These workouts for men over 50 will help them burn all this excess fat, without worrying about getting injured in the process

Strength and resistance workout programs for men
OK, full disclosure, for strength and resistance training you will need some weights like kettlebells and dumbbells. If you don’t have any lying around, you can just use some heavy objects, like big books, that you have in your house as weights. Strength and resistance exercises engage a lot of the muscles in your body, which will in turn force your body to produce more testosterone, which will burn away the excess fat. Furthermore, those exercises will also help your bones grow stronger and they are also very beneficial for your heart. A strength and resistance exercise routine for men over 50 should contain a lot of lat presses, squats, military presses, bench presses and lat pull downs. Since you will be using weights for those exercises, you should start with smaller ones and do a lot of reps and then move to slightly bigger weights and less reps.

Core exercise routines for men
Fat concentration around the abdomen is very dangerous for men over 50, which is why fat loss workouts for men are extremely important for them. Those should be based around exercises that target the abdominal and the lower back muscles, those exercises are abdominal crunches and planking, respectively. In order to exercise your abdominal muscles and burn the fat there, just do as many abdominal crunches as you can in one sitting three times a week. Planking is a bit more taxing, it requires you to lie down on your stomach and raise your body with your toes and forearms, so you should take things a bit easy. Just hold the “plank” position for up to 5 seconds, three to five times a week and you’ll be fine.

Cardio workouts for men over 50
Cardio workouts are great because they not only make the heart and lungs stronger, but they also help men lose weight, and both those things are very important for men over 50. Cardio workouts at home are really easy, since you don’t need any equipment or a home gym for them. What you do need however, is nice weather and the desire to spend some time outside your house. Walking, running and swimming will provide you with a great cardio workout. Just take things easy at first if you are a beginner and gradually increase the distance you walk or run or the number of laps you swim around the pool.

Those are some of the safest and best workouts for men over 50, but they are also great for younger men as well! Just remember, that just because you have reached a certain age, this doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need any maintenance. Exercise is not just to make us look good and boost our confidence, it is also about improving our health and staying healthy, so you should never give up your at home workouts for men. What you should do, is modify them to better suit your age and physical condition.

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